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WANDRR Motorcycle Tours is now the exclusive distributor of Andy Strapz products in North America, made and sold in Australia.

From Andy:
"If it's branded Andy Strapz we make it here in Melbourne, mostly of my design. Other gear is either designed or personally selected and tested, specifically for traveling motorcyclists by me. Our Flat Strapz range are useful anywhere a bungee cord or length of rope is used. They are amazingly strong, quick and reliable stretch straps. All Andy Strapz branded equipment is designed and made in Australia, mostly within our factory."

For multiple piece orders, please contact WANDRR Motorcycle Tours for shipping fees.

I ‘d like to give you some feedback on the Adventure panniers I brought in 2011-12 they have now done 90,477 kms. They haven’t been removed from bike since the day they arrived in the mail.

Your care instructions are a bit like telling a 6 year old boy to Floss, sorry they have been abused. Two bikes later with the latest being a BMW 1200 GSA LC. Extreme riding is best way to describe what I’ve asked of these panniers.
They have been down the road twice saving the bike. On the 1200 GSA they have been used to swing the bike around when it’s been on its side on numerous occasions. More than often on rocky sharp ground.
I’ve just Nappy Sand these bags to get 90,000km of dust out of them. Defying the odds they look ready to do another 90,000 km’s of torture. I did soak them to water proof them and to this day continue to keep water out

Karl May 

Description :

  • Tough Acetel nylon D rings.
  • Quality 1 inch non-stretch webbing.
  • 130 cm long.
  • The strongest.
  • Suppliers representatives are often gob smacked as I take a new fixing clip they want to sell, into the factory and attack it with a hammer. If it “passes” this test I consider testing it.
  • Often we only need simple straps to hold light, soft gear to our bikes. I tend to try to strap my wet weather gear in an accessible place. Often the Double D ring strapz are used for heavy items like keeping fuel cans still.
  • Made from Aussie made 25mm polypropylene webbing and NZ Fastex clips.

Double D Strapz
See Description
Price: $4.95 $2.51

Description :

  • Why hold hundreds of dollars of equipment with a couple of $2 eye gougers?
  • Many times stronger than occy straps.
  • Two inch wide elastic luggage straps.
  • Heavy duty hook and loop fastener by that mob who's name starts with a V (they're being a corporate pain in RRs) for a strong, safe join.
  • Five sizes, packed in pairs.
  • Fast, safe, amazingly strong and simple to use.
  • Closes on top of the load.
  • Easier to use.
  • Won’t cut in or roll off.
  • No hooks to scratch, dent or injure.
  • Adjust length by wrapping a couple of times.
  • Proven over hundreds of thousands of kilometres.
  • Use them anywhere you'd use a bungee cord or bit of rope.

Flat Strapz 1000mm
About 25 inches See Description
Price: $24.95 $13.59
Flat Strapz 1250mm
About 32 inches See Description
Price: $27.95 $14.70

Description :
  • A long distance travel friend. Access to your equipment on long trips can be a pain in the RRRs. Packing and unpacking each time you stop soon gets very tedious. Piggyback Strapz provide an easily accessible “compartment” that can be used in seconds.
  • Perfect for holding camping gear on your rack.
  • Leave the camping gear undisturbed while you have a place to stow wet weather suits, stash a jumper, dry a towel or hold a jacket or helmet when you stop for a coffee.
  • Store wet weather suits safely on top of the main load without disturbing it.
  • Two inch stretch webbing and heavy duty hook and loop fastener by that mob who's name starts with a V (they're being a corporate pain in RRs).
  • Proven over thousands of kilometres.
  • The second arm is sewn to Flat Strapz to convert them.
  • Use them as hard pannier safety straps.
  • Imagine pulling over and taking off a jumper as the day heats up. Simply slip it under the Piggyback and hit the road. Turn a wet towel at each stop and it will be dry by afternoon tea. The possibilities are endless.

Piggyback Strapz Medium
1250mm pair, about 32 inches
Price: $35.95 $19.07
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Description :

  • No need for ugly 'scaffolding' to be bolted to the back of the bike.
  • Strong, quick, easy to use, amazingly versatile.
  • Open and close on top of the load.
  • Leather pads to help protect body panels.
  • Fits nearly all bikes.*
  • A combination of stretch webbing, heavy duty velcro and a double D ring system similar to helmet chin straps. A direct comparison can be drawn between the way surfers carry their boards on the roof of their car with soft racks. These are the motorcycle equivalent.
  • Cross the straps over the top of your gear, then attach to the pillion pegs at the front and the pillion grab rail at the back.
  • Utilize foot peg brackets, frame rails, grab rails, sub frame, occy lugs and more. Wherever a 25 x 3 mm gap exists on the bike it can be used to mount Smart Strapz.
  • They can be re-adjusted and tensioned quickly and efficiently. Cheap really when you price racks.
  • Top of our range. Total useable length 1450mm.

Smart Strapz
1450mm, about 57 inches
Price: $50.00 $27.61

  • Attaches to the bike with its own straps.
  • Stiffened to reduce sagging.
  • Storm flap covers main zip.
  • Main body and pockets are angled away from the weather.
  • All compartments accessible while strapped to the bike.
  • Main body made from one piece of fabric and penetrated as few times as possible.
  • Stretch 'cargo net' for light gear, beneath storm flap.
  • Universal fit seat bag — no rack required.
  • High quality, fabric, webbing, clips and D rings.
  • Two choices of attachment D Rings, high for compression or low for traveling with the bag half full.
  • Use existing motorcycle fittings to attach to the bike.
  • Carry handle slips over most rack uprights.
  • Constructed from tough Cordura (black) with a bonded waterproof backing.
  • Some bikes may need Loopz for a perfect fit.

A Bagz Info

The A Bag evolved from the concepts of the Piggyback and Smart Strapz. The idea was to have a low profile bag that would fit any bike, one that didn't need to be sold with the bike. It has a readily accessible area for light gear such as wet weather clothing or jacket liner and attaches directly to the bike, requiring no frames or hardware.

Constructed of black Cordura in our Melbourne factory. A and AA Bagz have approximately 30 and 18 litre capacity respectively.

The bag is stiffened with 4 nylon bars to stop it sagging. The strap system is permanently attached to the bagz.

The pockets are angled away from the weather and open so that the user can see what’s inside. No more fishing around in a black hole hoping to feel the item you are looking for.

A storm flap with special edge flaps, help keep the weather away from the main zip as it covers the body of the bag. Beneath the storm flap is a stretch cargo net that allows the rider to quickly stow a jumper or wet weather suit.

We use high quality components like 25 mm side release clips from Fastex in New Zealand. They are rated to a tensile strength of 100kg! To date I can’t remember one breaking. The webbing and piping are made in Australia.

We finish the inside seams with cloth tape. This provides double stitching with a material that won't crack. Each webbing attachment is reinforced inside. Lots of thought has gone into the A Bagz and it shows when you have a close look at the construction methods we use.

A Bagz Cordura
See description
Price: $210.00 $132.45

Description :

   Who needs ugly scaffolding (rack) on the back of a bike to slip away for a night or two. It doesn't make sense. All we need is a compact bag that straps directly to the bike with a couple of pockets and a place for wet weather gear or jacket liner to be quickly stashed. As one customer noted "About bloody time"!

AA Bagz were born.

  • 18 litre, frameless seat or rack bag.
  • Attaches to your bike with its own straps.
  • Stiffened to reduce sagging. 
  • Storm flap covers main zip.
  • All areas of the bag are accessible while strapped in place.
  • Pockets are angled away from the weather.
  • Main body is made from one piece of fabric and penetrated with stitching as few times as possible.
  • Stretch 'cargo net' for light gear, beneath storm flap.
  • Universal fit — no rack required.
  • High quality fabric, webbing, clips and D rings.
  • Two choices of attachment points. High to compress the bag and low for when it is not full.
  • Use existing motorcycle fittings to attach to the bike.
  • Quick to use and access.
  • Constructed from tough Cordura (black) with bonded waterproof backing.
  • They can be used on the seat or rack. The 18 litre main compartment is accessed via a heavy duty, double slider half moon shaped zip. The end pockets have a capacity just over 1.5 litres each.
  • The AA Bagz are attached to the bike with strapz that tuck away into their own pockets and fasten via low slip double D rings. A convenient, reinforced carry handle is sewn to the front of the bag.
  • All compartments can be accessed without removing the bag from the bike.

AA Bagz - Cordura
18 litre, See Description
Price: $150.00 $87.48


Pannier Trunkz

Over the last couple of years I have been developing a bag to fit neatly on the top of my Expedition Pannierz. I wanted a bag that would provide quick access to light and useful gear like wet weather pants, a neck warmer or my compressor to adjust tyre pressures when swapping from tar to dirt.

The design brief I set myself had to include a stable, easily accessible bag that didn’t interfere with access to the main bag or the pillion’s comfort. I envisage most riders using only one as I do on the off side pannier.

Made of the same super tough Aussie 17oz canvas as my panniers, it fits the new Travellers as well as my venerable Expedition Pannierz and uses the existing clips and straps to attach.

Stiffening rods in the sides and along the opening help keep its shape. Trunk closes with Velcro and 25mm side release clips.

Internal dimensions 
Diameter 150mm and length 350 mm
Pannier Trunk
See Description
Price: $70.00 $39.44

Made from the same super-tough Aussie material as our world famous Expedition Pannierz, Tank Pannierz are made with the same Strapz attention to quality and detail that has made our products so highly regarded. 

  • Universal, flexible fit.
  • Secured at 6 different points,
  • Tank Pannierz have been designed to stay right where you put them, wherever you plan to go
  • Same roll top closure as Expedition Pannierz. 
  • Tough enough to take knocks and minor falls.
  • Help keep wind and weather off your knees.
During testing they saved the paint on my bike during a fall. 
Made to last, here in our factory in Melbourne.

Volume 3 to 5 litres per side

Expedition Tank Panniers
See description
Price: $160.00 $98.37

Description :

After 3 years of development, Travellers were released.

I set myself the task of designing a set of throwover panniers that require no frames and fit as many bikes as possible.

They feature
  • Slash cut base.
  • Angle cut rear panel to fit snugly into bike shape.
  • Unique and versatile anchoring system.
  • Adjustable soft memory foam backing pad. Replaceable.
  • Roll top.
  • Hard plastic back inside.
  • Reflective strip on rear pocket
  • Fits any bike with bodywork or fenders to rest on.
  • No frame required.
  • Tough as nails Aussie 17oz canvas with a ripstop weave.
  •  Can be used off set.
Traveller Pannier
See Description
Price: $260.00 $143.04

Description :

  • A handy bag that will fit almost anywhere on the bike.
  • Try it on the triple tree, handle bars, rack or frame.
  • Face it back or forwards.
  • Heavy duty zip.
  • Great for keeping items needed in a hurry or frequently.
  • Store sunnies, keys, earplugs, phone, tools or water bottle.
  • Available in brown Aussie oilskin or heavy duty black nylon.

Handle Bar Bagz
See Description
Price: $30.00 $18.23

Description :

No more jamming stuff down the front of your jacket or wrestling with a backpack. No more groping around in a black hole, it opens wide and holds a helmet.

A tough shoulder bag that works perfectly for motorcyclists. Adjust the shoulder strap to sit the bag neatly on the seat behind the rider to take almost all the weight. It will then sit neatly and not slide around too much.
  • Side and front pockets for sunnies, phone and water bottle.
  • Two inch shoulder strap and adjustable side release clip.
  • Take your valuables with you every time you get off the bike.
  • Great for everyday use.
  • Internal key clip.
  • High quality fabric, webbing, clips and fabrics.
  • The body size is that of an LP… remember them? We offer them in brown Fortress oilskin and black 1000 denier (jargon for real tough) Kodra nylon.
  • They feature three external pockets, a key clip internally and a broad two inch shoulder strap with a rugged side release clip.
  • Sholda Bagz will (just for your reference, of course) fit two six packs side by side or a full face helmet. Dimensions are roughly 330mm x 340mm x 150mm.
  • Try undoing the contoured side release clip and mount it on the rack or sissy bar. I like to thread it through the back of a chair to prevent it getting ripped off at a cafe or bar.
  • A versatile and stylish carry bag that you will not be able to live without.
Set the shoulder strap to allow most of the weight to settle on the seat behind you to take the stress off your shoulder.

To tell the honest truth this wasn’t an entirely original design. We found a 60’s record industry reps bag in an op (charity) shop and adapted it to what became the Sholda Bag.

I'm always trying to improve my designs. 

The latest innovation is to combine the two fabrics in the Scoota Bagz. I think it makes them a lot more stylish and even more durable. The result is Black 'n' Tan. The front flap, rear panel and side pockets are still oilskin. The band and second layer front panel is tough 1000 denier black Nylon Kodra. The band or spine is where the bag takes the most scuffing and is most vulnerable. Photos are coming as soon as I can.

The new fabric is called Fortress. Sort of an oilless oilskin. A microporous, hydrophobic, breathable and washable fabric developed in Australia to meet the challenges of our harsh climate. Fortress is impregnated into the fabric not on top like traditional oilskin. 

Sholda Bagz
See Description
Price: $65.00 $25.56


I purchased the Andy Strapz soft pannier bags and also the Andy Strapz racks to suit my DR 650 back in 2013 and have covered over 140,000kms true all kinds of weather and rough terrain true 56 countries over two years.

The Panniers have held together exceptionally well and are very well designed. It's essential to use the proper racks to protects the bags from moving around on the bike and getting burned from the exhaust.
There well suited to mid size motorcycles to reduce weight and to put up with the constant hammering that comes when traveling the roads of the developing world.
They have a downside like all soft luggage!
Security and there not waterproof so it's a good idea to use liners on the inside to keep clothes dry and anything that can't become wet.  They will keep out rain showers and after heavy rainfall they dry out pretty fast afterwards especially in the sun.
I'd have no problem using them again and would highly recommend them to anyone taking on a big trip.

Maurice Raleigh

I wanted a set of simple pannier bags but couldn't find what I needed. Bugger it, I'll make my own I thought. No frills just tough and simple to use. The logical idea was to borrow off bicycle panniers and make them roll top. That way, they could provide variable volume but not increase the width of the bike. In reality they have changed little from the original prototypes I made. Over the years and with the help of feedback from users I have refined the design to make them as tough and easy to use as I can.


  • Carefully developed with ease of use and longevity in mind.
  • A fraction of the cost of hard panniers.
  • Elegantly simple and functional.
  • Ideal for Dual sport adventures or long distance touring.
  • Tough as nails, 17oz reinforced Aussie canvas.
  • Dust proof, highly water resistant, waterproof with optional liners.
  • Variable volume via roll top closing.
  • No zips to break or get clogged with dirt.
  • Proven through thorough testing and constant attention to detail.
  • Quite simply the toughest little buggers on the market!

Expedition Pannierz Info
  • Proven by hundreds of Aussie adventure riders in possibly the toughest environment on earth.
  • Constructed of heavy weight, truck side, polyester reinforced Aussie canvas they will last for ages. Made to withstand the punishment that dual sport bikes or the serious tourer hands out.
  • Variable capacity from about 15 to 25 litres per bag via a roll top system, increasing the volume of the bag but not the width of the bike.
  • Light — these things weigh only 2 kg. Complete with my frame sets the whole package weighs in at around 4 kg! That's the weight of one hard box!

Now with reflective strips on each pocket.

 - Stiffening in the roll top seals off the bags from dust and water. 

- Clever touches such as a small strap that loops through grab rails or rack to prevent the bags vibrating forward over rough road.

- Mesh pocket on the rear panel for water or oil bottles. 

- Hard plastic internal panel for rigidity and strength. 

- Stiffened tops for accurate closing.

- Cut so that water runs down the outer edges and drips off, there are no catch points.

- Sturdily constructed, double stitched (triple in vital places) and beautifully finished.

- Specially reinforced cross straps.

- Quality Acetel nylon side release clips rated at 300kg.

- Rear securing straps to stop vibration forward on rough roads.

4 Pocket Expedition Pannier
See Description
Price: $295.00 $173.68


During my "GS Period" I found the rear rack a bit of a pain in the Rs. Neither here nor there as a useful shape. As is the way with the evolution of my gear...why not make one!.

It had to be stiff enough to hold its shape and comfortable for a pillion to sit against. To achieve this, the GS Bag has a flexible plastic side insert.

The lid got a specially heat moulded insert to keep it convex and slightly overhang the rear zipper to shed the worst of the weather.

Add a removable, coloured liner (to help stop the black hole effect inside most bags) to complete the water resistance job.

Fitted in four seconds, removed in two by slipping it over the rack and clipping it in place. The “pillion interface” (sorry couldn’t help myself) is foam padded and the lid has a zippered pocket on the underneath.

It has had a serious beating on nasty corrugations and jarred by large potholes. I’m happy it holds on well and works as I’d wanted it to.

The 17litre  GS Bagz fit all aircooled GS year models other than GS Adventure as they have a different rear rack of course. 

GS Tail Bagz
See description
Price: $175.00 $113.45